It’s a passion from works

In the words of John Kasawa, Creator & Founder of HassyPBOver 10 years ago, the Fuji FP100C that could be used in the Hasselblad Polaroid back was discontinued. Since then, the instant film back and my passion were stored in cabinets leaving a void within.

The 120 roll film backs and digital backs for Hasselblad offer great results for both, amateurs and professionals. But, they cannot replace the touch that instant photos provided.My team and I reminisced the wonderful moments we used to experience with the Polaroid instant shots we used to take.

We decided to reignite our passion and after about 60 product iterations, we created the HassyPB.

At first glance, you may think that the PB stands for Polaroid Back. But, that is not the real meaning. PB is the nickname for my granddaughter and so, I decided to create the endearing name of HassyPB.

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