What’s new on the #HassyPBii, The instant photo film back for the Hasselblad cameras

These minor [Big] changes model, now launching for worldwide orders through the official website

www.hassypb.com  for $335 worldwide shipping for $45 no price add on!!

What’s new on the #HassyPB the minor changes to [HassyPBii]

All developing and improvement to
* Reduced the shifting focus distance 2x

* Add on the optical glass to made the focal plane to closer to the Hassy bodies’s focal plane **New
* Reduced none shifting focus f-stops to be f8 f11 f16 and f22 [The previous model is from f16 and f22]
* Matching attachment for all 500 or V series, 2000 and 200 cameras model
* Compatible with the Kiev 88 body ** New
[To fit the ArcBody, FlexBody, SWC, 500EL motorized are on the process and will be launching for cloud funding project in the middle of 2023]
* More practical attachment to the 500c model
* More fit and firmed attachment with the 200 models
* Realignment the borders for more symmetrical  **New
* Fast and versatile attachment or release to the camera body that mounted the prism finders
* No other accessories or bundle needed
* Can be focus to infinity
* Available in 4 colors, the Matt Black is made to order, Blue glacier, White chalk and the Terracotta orange
The lower white tap on the instant photos as your familiar one will be coming soon with the new model in 2023
*** All HassyPBii backs are 2 months warranty
*** No price add on!

* The new instruction user guidelines for the best image quality and sharpness will be included in the box when shipped

** Return your HassyPB to upgrade to be HassyPBii for only $79 [excluding shipping cost]

Sending your HassyPB back to upgrade

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The HassyPB’s focal plane now very close to the Hasselblad focal plane as much as possible


Bigger and wider slot for smoother ejecting the instant film and stuck prevention


By moving the release button position backward will help attaches and detaches the prism finders


More easier to open and close the batter door cap


The previous designed to fit the 201F 202FA 230FE 205Tcc and 205Fcc models is great but the new design is greater


We found out the 500c model from 1957 to 1969 is a little bit tighten when the HPB attached and some light leaks shown but now 95% better


The huge improvement is to adding on the optical glass with unique thin films for better quality and sharpness on the instants film


Some instant sample photos




The HassyPBii specs :

Hasselblad V mount film back type

* Compatible with Hasselblad V 500 200 2000 camera models

** Excluded 500EL motorized, SWC, FlexBody and ArcBody models [Will be available in 2023 in a new model and new platform]

* Support Kiev 88 New **

* Accepted all C and F lenses series [C CF CB CFi CFE F FE lenses]

* No accessories or others bundles needed

* Can be focus to infinity [User guidelines instruction sheet comes with the box]

* Supported the Instax square, Instax square black and white [6.2cm x 6.2cm full frame instant photos, 800 ISO]

* Auto film ejection [2xCR2 3V is needed but the batteries is not supplied for overseas shipment]

* Dimension : W x L x H, 4.5” x 5” x 1.5”

* Weight : Approximately. 500g [2xCR2 batteries not included]

**** The minor changes model with optical glass for closer to the actual the Hasselblad focal plane now available in this model