HassyPB create to everyone,
After the Fuji FP100C that made for the Hasselblad Polaroid back was discontinued from the markets for more 10 years,
my film back and  my passion with the instant photos were stored in the cabinets since then
Even the films and the digital backs that fit the Hasselblad cameras still offer great results for the professionals or amateurs.  Anyway, the touch of the instant photos can not be replaced by them, this is what I thought
So me and my teams always reminding these wonderful moments and would like to sharing with every Hassy lovers
to get our passion back again, so this is the beginning stories, The HassyPB were made for us

Where to buy?  The HassyPB now available in Thailand, for worldwide shipping will be getting started from May 2022,

The new official website and application for the HassyPB will be available and will be announces here, on the website will be consist of HassyPB family products, HassyPB boutiques, Hasselblad repairs, fixing, services [CLA]  for V series, 200, 2000, 900 series [swc] 500EL motorizes model, film backs, lenses or others,

All Hasselblad issues are service in 3-7 days, 7-10 days return and received your gears, Cheap Fast and Safety that can be trust on this planet

Here are some services https://www.facebook.com/groups/809000949923997

Hear are some strong community https://www.facebook.com/groups/388847781715111

How much for the 1 unit price?  The HassyPB backs available in 4 colors, Matt black, White chalk, Blue glacier, and Orange Terracotta , It’s price approximately USD$285

How much for worldwide shipping cost? It’s approximately $35-$60 depending on your countries

Here below are specification

#HasseyPB 1st version specs :
* Hasselblad V mount film back type [Metal made]
* Compatible with Hasselblad V 500 200 2000 camera models ** Excluded 500EL motorized, SWC, FlexBody and ArcBody models
* Accepted all C CF F FE lenses, infinity focusing range [All the best photo quality results are in users instruction guide]
* No accessories or others bundles needed
* Back material part [Based on the Fuji Instax square SQ1 camera model]
* Instax square/Instax square black [6.2cm x 6.2cm full frame instant photos, 800 ISO]
* Auto paper feed out [2xCR2 3V battery supplied]
* Dimension : W x L x H, 4.5” x 5” x 1.5”
* Weight : Approximately. 485g [2xCR2 + film cassette holder + 10 sheets film included]


***  More infos and up to date please contact email : pictureproject1986@yahoo.com
      whatApp +66825669562  John Kasawa
      ID line : john_kasawa